Along with the launching of the league

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    • Along with the launching of the league

      During a media conference on the day of the draft, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver described the absence of women in the first MT NBA 2K19 League draft course as"a disappointment for all of us up to now. ''``I'm not worried that there was something wrong with the process necessarily," Silver added, sitting alongside Donohue of the NBA 2K League and Strauss Zelnick, CEO of NBA 2K owner Take-Two Interactive. "What I am worried about -- and this is a far bigger problem in the gambling community that Strauss and Brendan and I've talked a great deal about -- is that something is happening in the gambling community which is not bringing women or has been repelling girls from wanting to be part of it."

      In terms of the process, Silver said that NBA 2K League officials resigned the field of potential draftees at a"blind" fashion, going in the top 1,000 players of this combine to a short list of 250"from avatars, in character." That pool of 250 draft hopefuls comprised one woman.Donohue stated that league officials could go back to"review and evaluate all components of the tryout procedure" -- relying upon game statistics, applications and"virtual live interviews" -- to trim the brief list down into the final 102. For any reason, the only feminine participant did not make the cut.

      We do not know how many female NBA 2K players qualified for its initial combine, or just how a lot of the mix's top 1,000 finishers were women. And it is hard to say for sure where the issues were: possible obstacles to entry for female players or problems with the league's choice procedure, or the chance that -- since you might hear from folks who did not think there were problems whatsoever -- no girl was deserving of a place in the draft course compared to 102 guys who made it.

      They say they've been working to address the problem for the long run. "Along with the launching of the league, we are making a concerted effort forbes nba 2k news, headed by Oris Stuart, who is the head of diversity and inclusion in the NBA, to create a task force made so the next year when we're sitting here for the draft, we'll have a pool of girls that are participating as well," said on draft day.